It Is Time to Create Your Own Economy

There is an opportunity waiting.

Most people see the opportunity daily but don’t even notice it.

Those that do are able to live a life of freedom and joy.

What’s that opportunity?

Becoming a UGC Creator.

What is that? Before we get into that let’s look at the landscape of advertising.

Brands Want Normal Folks

Okay, I apologize for calling you normal, but what I mean is that you aren’t sitting front row at the Oscars.

This sounds crazy, but brands are moving away from celebrities and toward everyday people.


Because audiences know that when a celebrity endorses something it’s just a paid advertisement. The chances of the celebrity even using the product they’re endorsing are slim to none.

So what does a brand do?

They turn to the everyday person to create content for them.

You’ve probably seen 1000s of these and thought nothing of it.

Someone you don’t know is talking about a watch, a towel, or even some hot sauce. The content feels authentic so you tune in.

That’s exactly what brands want and you can take advantage of it.

UGC = Freedom

Becoming a UGC Creator means you’re giving yourself more freedom.

More time to do the things you want and more importantly, the freedom to decide how much money you want to make.

That’s completely different from the 9-5 job where you’re lucky if you get a 3% raise each year.

With UGC, the sky is the limit.

You decide when you want to work and how much work you want to do.

Becoming a UGC Creator means you’ve decided to take control of your life.

It’s a choice.

A damn good one.

This is what I consider Level 1. You’re building your portfolio of clients and getting paid to improve your skills.

Did I mention that you keep most of the stuff brands send you?

If that sounds good then let me show you something.

Introducing the UGC Freedom Blueprint Workshop

Over the last 6 months, I’ve worked with over 100 different brands producing content for them.

From brands that will pay $30 for a couple of videos to $1000s for a single one.

I worked to see the best way to start your UGC journey and scale it to provide you with the freedom you desire.

And I’ve put everything that I’ve learned into a 2-hour Workshop that I’m hosting on May 5th.

If you’ve been looking to make some extra money on the side or start your own business that can scale as far as you want, this workshop is for you.

Once the Workshop is over, I’ll package it up into a new offer that will cost over $200.

You have the chance to secure your spot now for just $50.

What’s Inside the Workshop

Within the Workshop you’ll learn:

  • How to get started making money with UGC starting today even if you’ve never created a video before
  • How to continue to level up your UGC business until you’re able to get brands on monthly retainers that will earn you recurring revenue
  • How to pitch brands and let them know about your services
  • The different kinds of videos to make
  • Setting up your portfolio
  • …and tons more!

You’ll also get access to all updates to the Workshop as more resources are added.

7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re unsatisfied with the Workshop and feel you aren’t getting any value out of it then just let me know and I’ll kindly refund you.

Will You Wait to Control Your Future?

Looking at the economy it seems that everyone is experiencing layoffs.

People are finding it hard to get a job and prices on everything continue to go up.

These things are out of your control.

However, you have the opportunity to control your own economy where you get to dictate how much you charge, how much you make, and what to do with your new freedom.

The question is, why would you wait to do that?